The Beautiful [and fun] Journey of Social Media + a time-saving tip!

“Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey.” ~Fitzhugh Mullan

I found this quote above and couldn’t stop laughing. You have to understand, living in Costa Rica, we have a lot of potholes in the road. And many of our roads are still dirt so that makes for one very bumpy ride. But all along the way, wherever the road takes me, I celebrate the journey.

From a social media perspective, I know a lot of people who get tripped up in the details without seeing the bigger, more beautiful picture. With social media, you are taking your clients and fans on a journey. There may be posts that don’t perform as well as you would like (AKA some potholes in the road), but it’s all a part of the trek into the ever-changing online world.

For my clients who I only consult on strategy with (and no actual content creation or management), I tell them to look at it like a big experiment. And to make it fun! From my perspective, social media is supposed to be fun…it’s not supposed to be a drag or something that you must do just to keep up with your competition.

I know some people who demand perfection in every post. For them, unfortunately, there is one pothole after another. Perhaps you already know this but perfection can lead to much unhappiness and grief which can often lead to abrupt changes in the journey or coming to an all out stand still. You can’t stand still in the online world. When you hit a pothole, you have to pick yourself up and keep moving forward. And sometimes, if the pothole really isn’t all that deep, you just have to fly right over it. Richard Carlson said it best: Don’t sweat the small stuff.

There are lots of “rules” that social media strategists will tell you to follow when it comes to content creation. ie. Post photos, post links with a photo, don’t just post text, post only text, don’t post external links and on and on and on…

Here’s what I will tell you:

Don’t follow the rules (the primary reason is they are constantly changing). Play with it. See how different posts fare on the different social channels. Your Facebook fans are probably different from your Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram fans. There may be some overlap, of course, but people on each of those sites are looking for a specific type of post. You cannot post the same thing to all sites and expect great results.

Time-saving tip:

You can most definitely post the same photo, link, text to all your social channels…just do it with the social channel in mind. Then the next step is to check your insights and analytics to see what works and what doesn’t.

Don’t worry if a post didn’t do as well as you’d like. Take that post, make some adjustments to it and try again! Remember, you have to keep moving forward.

Create a beautiful journey for your customers and fans through your online social channels.

Celebrate the high moments and tweak the low ones knowing the journey of social media will continue on. Don’t get stuck in a pothole. :)