How to create authentic content

You may recall the post where I wrote about how I learn to speak in the voice of my client (click here to read it again!) but the next logical question then is how do I actually create authentic content? The most frequently asked question from my social media strategy clients is this: I just can’t seem to sit down and write, I can’t find the time and I don’t know what to write about. This problem relates to either blog posts or posts to social channels or both! Does it sound familiar to you?

First, I set aside a block of time at the end of each month to write all my posts. I don’t always pick the day but I know it will happen at some point in that last week. The reason I don’t choose a particular day or time is because I need to be in a creative space and I’m not a 24/7 creative kind of person (I don’t think anyone really is!).

Second, here are the questions I ask myself when preparing and writing content for most of my clients:

  • Is it a teaching post?
  • Is it inspirational?
  • Is it authentic?

My goal is to always hit two of those 3, if not all of them. Always, the posts are authentic. That’s just a given. But creating inspirational and teaching posts takes a bit more thinking through.

Sometimes I might throw a funny one out there, just to mix it up a bit – depending on the clientele they serve and if it’s appropriate. I really don’t like the “keep calm” images…and never will you see me use one! To me, they’re generic. And there’s nothing authentic about being generic. I’ve experimented with other types of stock photos but again, stock isn’t authentic. It doesn’t feel authentic to me.

Share with me friends, what’s your take on stock photos and other generic images like Keep Calm? How do you create your social channel posts? Is it in-the-moment on a daily basis or do you set aside time each month?