Why they love [working with] us

Chrissy provided me with social media consulting from 2014-2016.  She was easy to work with, quickly responded to questions and kept me up-to-date on projects in which she assisted me.  She is well informed and provided me with a fresh perspective in online marketing, recommending specific channels to use and best practices.  She offered guidance on how to reach and engage with more people and also made suggestions on tools to make me and my team more efficient. Chrissy was passionate in supporting me and my work and checked in regularly to ensure that I was taken care of.  I would recommend her to others looking for a social media manager or consultant. logo1

Colin Beavan, AKA No Impact Man

Chrissy has been my Social Media Manager since January of 2014 and my Online Project Manager since August of 2014, and I am quite sure neither my business, nor my life, will ever be able to function without her now. She is an excellent writer, brightly intelligent, and highly organized, and those business skills are supported by her extremely warm and caring attention. My teaching philosophy and business branding are both highly personal and intuitive, and I seriously doubted I could ever outsource any major part of my business,  least of all my public and social media content, but Chrissy proved me wrong. She has an incredible attention to detail, is a great self starter and a tireless worker. She listened to me and learned from me closely, and I feel honored to have her as the primary member of my team and thrilled that she has taken over as the creator and manager of all my online content. As she herself is a yoga teacher, and on an intuitive and spiritual path of evolution, she is the perfect person to support anyone in the wellness space with their social media and online content management. francesca-logo Francesca Cervero

When searching for online business support, I knew I needed someone who would align with me spiritually as well as business wise. I found this and more in Chrissy and Social [media] Wellness. I have someone who supports my business working on the details that bogged me down and allows me to focus on the big picture. Her attention to detail and ability to express my vision is so valuable to me and my business. I’m grateful for her!


Meghan Mitchell

real-surf-trips1We’ve been working with Chrissy and her team since May 2013.  Because of Chrissy’s background in health and wellness (a focus of ours at Real Surf Trips) she is able to help us create content, in our voice, that speaks to our client base.  Chrissy and her team do the work and we don’t even have to think about it!  They’re also more than happy to offer assistance in implementing new online marketing strategies as well as give feedback on our current approach.  She’s also helped us launch 4 new locations. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the work they produce and their timeliness in responding to our requests and meeting deadlines. Chrissy is an enjoyable people to work with and I highly recommend their services.

Bob Witty, Managing Director

It was truly a pleasure to work with Chrissy from February 2011-September 2013. She put her heart into the work, knew our clients from the inside out and always went above and beyond in her services. From writing new web content, creating social media campaigns and contests and setting up new services and recommended features, she gave our team and eco hotels her all. Without a doubt, she’s highly skilled in terms of quality engagement and content creation. I strongly recommend her for those in the eco, health and wellness fields who need assistance with social media / online marketing services. cayuga-new1 Hans Pfister, President

I worked with Chrissy from February 2011 – May 2013 while I was the General Manager at Arenas del Mar in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.  It was so easy to work with her and her team; they took care of everything and made sure we stayed on point with reaching our monthly goals for online marketing.  Chrissy and Kevin are both fun but hardworking people and these qualities are reflected in the work that they create for their clients. arenas-del-mar-eco-resort Fabian Palma, Former General Manager

Chrissy and her team have helped us tremendously in learning about social media and how to grow and improve our online presence in order to connect with our clients; before, during and after their stay with us. Her company was hired for two separate projects. One was for short-term consulting where she provided us with guidance and taught us the how-to’s of online marketing so we could do some of the work ourselves. We then hired her long-term (from November 2012-January 2014) for blog editing and content management. Chrissy understands the types of guests we serve and with her support, we are able to offer our clients meaningful engagement online. She is authentic, dependable and very easy to work with. logo-sdm1 Sol Marinoni, Manager

I highly recommend Chrissy Gruninger’s company.  We found Chrissy to be very professional (every aspect of work we asked her to do was done within the timeline and with quality).  She provided us with current, relevant, and important information for our business and was incredibly helpful in identifying the keys to improve our social media presence.  Chrissy also linked us to some other people (video, web site design) as well as provided us with some awesome photos of our location which we are using on our site and social media pages.  We appreciated the fact that her philosophy was so in line with ours.


Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica with Healthy Cuisines and Spa Services 2015-08-22 12-19-36

Mary Byerly, Co-owner

I’m so grateful for all that Chrissy has done for us!  Truly – it has freed me up to do so many other things!  She has created great content, is timely and organized and makes recommendations to incorporate into our online marketing strategy.  It has been great to integrate her right into our process and that she is able to really just run with it! action-email-signature-logo Renee Gibbons, Marketing & Public Relations

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