Our Philosophy

You might…

Own a Wellness Center, teach yoga, coach others to create their dream lives, are outdoors hugging trees (which we think more people should do!), making your own biodegradable spa products or manage an eco resort or tour company. Or perhaps you are a socially conscious business that takes the triple bottom line into account for both your team and your community.

As a small business, you may have tried social media marketing on your own only to discover that it’s not as easy it seems. You probably realized it also takes away time from your regular work and often gets put on the back burner…


social media service for wellness companiesAt Social {media} wellness, we…

Want to help you thrive in the world of online marketing and social media: to share your company’s vision and help you service others in creating a more beautiful and peaceful planet.

Because of our team’s background in healthy living and eco tourism, we’re able to market your services in an authentic and cohesive voice, highlighting your services and positive message.

At Social {media} Wellness, we love our planet and we love working with others whose goals align with ours: creating a more sustainable, healthy and conscious way of living.  We know that every choice we make has an impact on our world and we’ve chosen to specialize our social media management services in the fields we value most:

• Health and Wellness  • Eco Tourism  • Nonprofit Organizations
•Women owned/managed businesses


Our vision is to promote Wellness+ in the world...

to inspire, teach and provide our clients’ customers with the opportunity to reflect on the world we live in and our place in it.

Let us support you!

Your Social {media} Wellness journey begins here…let us help you create a stronger, more engaged community in the social media world while adding more clients, more income and the freedom to focus on what you do best, while we do the rest!

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