Social media marketing is not free

Continuing on with our conversation on the value of social media marketing and determining ROI in social media, this week we’ll look at promoted / boosted posts on Facebook.

In terms of spending money, we need to start thinking about social media marketing like traditional marketing.

But, you may say, “Facebook is free!” And so is Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc etc.

Well, yes, they are all.  But really, no they’re not.

Whereas before you may have had a designer create your marketing materials and a mailing house print and mail your advertisements, now it’s a different world in marketing.

Now you pay for ads online through Google Adwords or on any of the many social channels like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

So it’s really about shifting your mindset from the old school way of paying for marketing to the new way of marketing with online social channels.

Do I recommend that every client pay for ads on social media?  Depends on the client.

If there’s something special that we want to promote, I recommend spending a little money to advertise it on Facebook so more people see it and can interact with the post.

But I’d start out small to see what works.  Here are a few examples: I had one client that spent $50 on an ad for an event and they were able to generate over 300 likes on the post plus shares and comments.  And they ran it for less than one week.

But I knew of another company (not one that my team was working with!) that spent nearly $500 on an ad and generated less than 100 likes and not very many comments/shares.  And they ran the ad for nearly 2 weeks. Poor results can happen for a number of reasons. And it’s important to monitor your ads regularly to ensure you’re getting the results you want. If not, pause and regroup!

That’s why when my team runs an ad for a client, we are always watching it to ensure we’re seeing the results that we [and the client] want to see.  We are always mindful of the money we are spending on behalf of our client.

We want to optimize our client’s budget to ensure they see the highest ROI on social media.

And as I mentioned previously, proving ROI on social media is not easy but it can be done.  It’s all about how you look at it…