Social Media and ROI

I wrote this last week: many think that social media is more about conversion than engagement and conversation.

Of course, every company owner and manager wants to know what the ROI is on what they’re paying for – whether it’s traditional marketing or online marketing. And while not impossible, ROI for social media marketing can be difficult to prove.

What do I look for in determining the value of social media marketing?

Two things mainly:

  1. If there’s no SEO team that’s creating monthly reports for the client, I look at the client’s Google Analytics each month for their social acquisitions. Where are people coming from and how many are going to their website from the social channels?

  2. On Facebook [or other social channels], I look at insights and determine if people are liking the posts? Are they leaving comments and sharing? If not, I try to determine why and what could we do better? And then we make changes the following month to see what works [and what doesn’t]

Yes, #2 is not technically “ROI” but in this day and age of social marketing, it kinda is. The reason: Because social media is more about engagement and conversation than it is about conversions.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself about your social media channels:

• Am I creating engagement with my fans?
• Are they interacting with my posts?
• Am I creating conversations with my posts?
• What do people comment on?
• What do they like and share the most

Engagement and creating conversations are two of the keys to social media management.

Especially nowadays when it’s getting more and more difficult to be seen on channels like Facebook.

You have to be creating quality content that people will like, comment and share.

Even just one share can help you get seen by more people and possibly get new likes to your page and the ultimate win, to your website and into your portfolio of clients.