Two marketing pet peeves!

Today I’m writing about two marketing pet peeves that I currently have as an online marketing strategist. Of course, I recommend you do what feels right to you for your life and in your business. And I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject as well.

Pet Peeve #1: Unintelligent or scary subject lines on emails and blogs (ex: “Can you call me tomorrow?” or “My husband’s secret powers”)

Pet Peeve #2: Secondary emails that are sent out a few days or weeks after the original, that say – “Oops, I just found out that the link may not have worked for everyone” (but it did work for some – which is really next to impossible to actually have happen).

Remember that card game “BS”? Both of these situations above, in my opinion, are BS. And I’m so disappointed that some of my favorite, well known and well-respected bloggers are now using them in their marketing practices.

I have started unsubscribing from anyone that uses either of these tactics.

Key takeaway… If you’re creating posts, blogs & email campaigns, my recommendation to you is: Be authentic.

You can be funny without sounding unintelligent or being condescending to your readers. You can talk about a serious situation without trying to lure them to read your blog with scare tactics in the subject line. And you can reach out to people without lying about “links not working properly”.

And one last little [positive] note:

Always be grateful and show your readers the respect they deserve. I am grateful for each you.

There are over 2 million blogs being posted every day and I’m thankful that you choose to read mine. I promise to always be authentic in all that I write.