The value of online marketing and strategy

As I mentioned previously, social media marketing is not free. And contrary to popular belief, social media marketing, content creation and strategy aren’t easy.

When I first started out in social media marketing and strategy, I had a client who asked me to manage their Twitter accounts. I was really uncomfortable with that but couldn’t explain my reasons why at the time.

For some reason, I thought it was because I didn’t like Twitter.

But then I started working with a client that asked me to help her with her Twitter account. And I told her I would. You know what? I love it! It’s so much fun and such a challenge to keep everything under 140 characters.

So why was I so uncomfortable managing Twitter for the other client? Well, it took me awhile to figure out but it was because they weren’t going to pay me for it!

They wanted me to add it into their contract at no extra cost.

And I believe, deep down inside, I knew that was wrong and it surfaced as feelings of just overall discomfort. I wanted to please the client but social media is not free. My team and I cannot work for free. Sometimes I wish I could support great companies and individuals doing great things in the world and offer all my services for free!

But I’m not in a position financially to do that and I also believe that our clients need to understand the value of the work that we do.

We love when our clients value the time and energy that my team and I spend working on their accounts. And fortunately, all our current clients do.

They actually won’t ask us to do something extra without first acknowledging that they understand there will be an additional cost.

At Social [media] Wellness, we offer customized online business management plans based on the clients needs. We don’t oversell our services or say we can do things that we know we can’t. We do take a lot of time and energy to research our clients business, their competition and keep up to date with what is happening in the online world. As it is constantly changing!

We offer high-quality social media strategy and online business management because of our ongoing commitment to our clients and our continuing education. And our clients who we work with today are grateful for that dedication and I am always grateful for them.